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  • Jessica Butler

Lash Extension Techniques – Which is the right lash extension course for you?

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

In our working beauty world, we love to be able to cater for all clients… What better way than to be able to offer all lash treatment services! This makes it the perfect beauty course option, but which course should you start with?

Some of you may be wondering what are the main differences in each lash treatment? Let Vanity Fair School of Beauty, Tunbridge Wells, help you out there and explain! We will give you a full low down on not only the lash results but also what techniques you will learn when training in these courses and how hard it is to learn the techniques!

These courses are guaranteed to bring in regular customers every 2-4 weeks. You can charge around £50-£120. Dependent on location and experience. Usually, a full set of individual lashes will take you 1-2 hours, for a full set of Russians can take up to 3 hours! When training in these skills it’s important to remember it’s going to take you longer to begin with but the more you practice and the more clients you do after your training the quicker your get and the better, they will look! Your lash course will be one day. But the true learning will be post your training day. You must have patience and no you will improve over time!

Individual Lashes - One lash to each lash. These are a great starting point as you can have natural or a more dramatic look. You can mix the lash length, volume and curl! This is a really great treatment to start off with when training. Any lash technician should start with this course before going on to learn the below.

Russian LashesHand-made fans. This is multiple lashes made into a fan that is applied to 1 lash! Great if you like the fuller darker lash line and want to provide a more dramatic look for your clients. This is the perfect next step course from individual lashes. We don’t recommend offering pre made fans, as this will mean you have double the amount of glue on the natural lashes and can damage them. This is the hardest lash technique to learn, we recommend you spend some time at home just practicing creating those perfect fans before going onto a client so You know your offering the best quality, long lasting sets of lashes!

Hybrid Lashes - A mix of individual lashes and Russians! This is beautiful to give you the perfect wispy look for your clients. To perfect this skill set you will need to be able to perfect both of the above techniques.

Mega Volume - This is as full, big and bold as you can get! These are not for the faint hearted but wow on the right set of natural lashes they can look amazing! You. Usually find this course. As a master. Class and we. Would only recommend you do these when you are fully confident and have done a lot of Russian sets so your fully confident on how to place the lashes safely and how to create the best fans. Do not rush to learn this take you time and really ensure your confident enough to move onto this stage.

Do your research on the best courses and make sure that they are fully insurable and accredited beauty courses. Ask questions, look at their website and social media to ensure your training with blog the best!

If you’re looking for lash courses near me, in Royal Tunbridge wells or the Kent area, we at Vanity Fair School Of Beauty offer Individual lashes, Russian & Hybrid courses and they all come with our free starter kits! Find out more here.

Vanity Fair School of Beauty offers Beauty Therapist Training courses in Tunbridge Wells, Kent welcoming Beauty course students from Kent, London, Surrey, Sussex and across the UK.


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