Vanity Fair offer high quality kits to treat both lashes and brows. This treatment will straighten and set hairs in position for 6 weeks.


Each kit contains the following:


*Lash Lift: Bonding Gel, Lifting Lotion and Fixing Lotion, Nourish Serum

*Eye Shields in Small, Medium and Large

* FREE Lash Lift Tool


Brow Lamination: Bonding Gel, Lifting Lotion, Nourish Serum


These products are NOT tested on animals and we are proud to say they are also vegan friendly.


Our kits save at least 15 minutes treatment time compared to other leading brands. Our ingredients are super powerful offering a super quick lift of 6-8 minute and just 6-7 minutes for fixing which is far quicker than most competing brands without compromising at all on quality or luxury.


Directions - Lash Lift

1. Cleanse Lashes

2. Apply Eye Patches under each eye

3. Apply Bonding Gel to shield and place onto the upper eye lids

4. Using tool and bonding gel to lift and set lashes onto the Shields. 

5. Apply lift lotion to 3/4 of lash length and cover with cling film

6. Develop 6 minutes for fine lashes, 7 minutes for medium lashes and 8-10 minutes for thick lashes.

7. Remove and apply the fixing lotion to 3/4 of lashes for 7 minutes

8. Use appropriate eyelash tint for 3-4 minutes

9. Use nourish serum to lift lashes and remove shields 

10. Use water on a cotton bud to clean around the eye area but avoid lashes.

11. Brush thoroughly the lashes with mascara wand to finish


After Care Advice

* Perform patch test 24 hours prior on crease of the arm. If irriation occurs, remove and seek doctors advice.

* Avoid water, makeup and products for 24 hours on the eyes or brows.

* Store in a cool place


Directions - Brow Lamination

1. Cleanse brows

2. Apply Bonding Gel, lift and flatten brows with tool

3. Apply lift lotion for 7 minutes and cover with cling film

4. Remove product and apply fixing lotion for 7 minutes and cover with cling film

5. Remove product and tint, wax and define the brows

6. Brush through the Nourish Serum to finish in desired shape. 

Lash Lift and Brow Lamination Kit with Shields

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