With over 15 years of beauty experience, I have decided, after years of training within my luxury beauty salon, I’ve fulfilled my dream of opening a beauty school, to help develop and grow students in the beauty field.
It is with great pleasure I introduce you to Vanity Fair School of Beauty.
We offer a wide range of beauty courses to anyone who has an interest in beauty as a beginner or even to someone with a wealth of beauty experience, as you can never stop learning. It might be that you are fully NVQ 2/3 qualified but you want to gain some more experience with learning the newest treatments trends.
VFSB are not only here to train you today, but to guide you through your beauty careers. Want to create a beauty hub where students can communicate not only on their courses but prior to and then after. Learning and supporting from us the professionals but also from each other is key to a life - long career in beauty.
Have you joined our Facebook Vanity Fair School of Beauty Hub?
Request to join today to not only share all your amazing before and afters, but also any questions regarding your treatments. Watch tutorials and fun videos to keep learning fun! Support and guidance from us and your peers will keep you motivated.
We pride ourselves in offering you a ride range of courses that are informative but friendly. We believe we can help you become the best therapist possible, so let’s start today.
We hope you enjoy your course and I look forward to seeing you again on our Beauty Hub but also on your next course.

OFFER- All deposits paid the day of training will get 10% off your next course!