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Level 3



Online eCourse

Learn all you need to know about the body and it’s systems! This is an online course to fast track you with all the knowledge of the body that you may need when starting your career in the beauty & aesthetic industry.


This course is the perfect way to gain your pathway to beauty & aesthetics.

We believe all therapists should complete this course when working in the industry so you have full knowledge on the body and how it works.

This course is around 30 hours of learning with 13 modules to complete with an assessment after each model. 

Vasculature of the Heart


  • Module 1- Cells, tissues & membranes

  • Module 2- Skin, hair & Nails

  • Module 3- Skeletal Structure 

  • Module 4- Muscular System 

  • Module 5- Nervous System 

  • Module 6 - Endocrine System 

  • Module 7 - Cardiovascular System 

  • Module 8- Lymphatic System 

  • Module 9 - Respiratory system 

  • Module 10- Digestive System 

  • Module 11 - Urinary System 

  • Module 12 - Reproductive System 

  • Module 13 - Pathologies

Online eCourse - £199 + VAT

  • Training manual provided

  • Online Assessment

  • Certificate of completion fully accredited sent with 70% pass rate

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