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BUILD YOUR BEAUTY BUISNESS - How to gain clients through your social media!

Having owned my own salon for over 12 years I've found some incredible ways to gain new clients but also how to keep them! Your bread and butter clients are what will keep you afloat in the quieter months! Lets face it every business has its peaks and troughs!

My most important tool is the POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA!

In April 2019 i started my instagram platform at a consistent level of posting every single day, now a year and half later i've grown my following from 500 followers to 14,000 followers! I've built my whole beauty school business off the back of Instagram offering beauty courses in house and online such as Lash lift, lash extensions, nails, massage, facials, Aesthetics & SPMU! I haven't been able to do this over night its taken alot of hard graft and consistency to get to this point but doing these things below have helped me reach goals I never thought were possible so I hope they can help you like they have me!

Key things to do every day! This is not once a week or every other day, this is EVERY DAY!

  • Post daily something beauty related, never assume because you have posted once, repittion is what will bring people to you. If they can visually see you do "Lashes" they are going to want to come to you! If you don't have a grid full of lashes how do you expect people to know you do them! Do different versions of them but keep posting!

  • Use reels! Play around and practice! These get alot of visibility and engagement compared to still images so keep a good ration or 2 out of 3 posts to be reels to images.

  • Post at least 4 or 5 stories each day. if you can do more then do! Get creative and use the tools on stories. Tag your location and hast tag. Add music and stickers and once a week do something fun like a beauty poll!

  • Create relationships! Dm to find out about them so you build a report! You don't even need to speak about your business, the less you do about this the more they will ask you! Building a strong foundation of followers will get them liking, saving, sharing and commenting on your posts!

  • Allow people to know the person behind the account! It's so important you learn to do stories and talk to your followers. Share you, your passion and whats separates you from others. My best advice, record and post and don't, look back it! Of course filter the hell out of it first!

  • Do 100 follows/100 unfollows per day (max 200/200 ratio)

  • Use canvas to create amazing branded posts!

  • Ensure your grid looks aesthetically organised!

  • Always use the maximum hast tags as possible, I recommend the app HASH TAG SMART.

  • When writing posts, start these in your notes so you can space and organise the writing so its super easy to read! I paragraph each with an emoji to keep it fun and easy to read! Be descriptive, add a call to action and let them know how to find out how to contact you!

This is an example of what I might right to advertise my Lash course!

BUNDLE LASH COURSE! Learn all three techniques!

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▫️Social media and growing your beauty business


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I hope you have found some small wins in this blog to help grow your beauty business! Comment below if you have!



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